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Entry #4

Digging through samples

2008-03-16 16:36:08 by littlerampage08

Arthur Honegger - "There is no doubt that the first requirement for a composer is to be dead."

That quote came up on the top of my gmail page and i lol'd.

But anyway, I keep getting a bunch of samples for stuff and I'm starting to get lost in them, heh.
So next few days I think I'll organize and toss a few samples into the trash bin (which I'll probably look in later because i miss em >_< )

There is this Bread ' n Butter advertisement on the top of my page every 2 pages and its beginning to annoy me.

Well that be all for now, back to the...mixing table?

WOOT level 5 XD


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2008-03-16 20:41:05

comment in my page

littlerampage08 responds:



2008-03-21 23:41:11

Ok I looked.