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that was an awesome message in a very interesting turn of events.
Although it was a little predictable, it was a very good watch.

nice job

where is an explaination?

Nice melody
but you need some explaination behind what you are doing...

GronmonSE responds:

Indeed. As I stated on the comments box, I'm new with the recording program and I'm rather shy with the mic, but I'll explain things better on the next tutorial.

Thanks for the review.

The microphone...ouch

dude work on getting rid of that feedback
it hurts da ears

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nice tutorial

very good tutorial
maybe add a thing to change/mute music next time?

Larsflash responds:


Good except for a few glitches

Sometiems it would jump in the middle of songs..
Sometimes the songs would come completely off sync..

This is on hard mode, so i have no idea if its any different for the other modes.

Good game overall

Alright i guess

It needed more too it, but it was a good concept.

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All that extra instruments really packed a punch into this cover
Amazing all around.
The only downfall is not hearing enough of the other instruments

Although that is bad, that guitar is so powerful which makes it amazing


I'll give ya a review, and some advice.
The sound balancing was good, maybe a little less drums. They seemed to be too overpowering to the actual melody. It got a bit boring towards the middle, so you might wanna mix it up a bit more next time.
Add some different instruments, or combine a few instruments to make some new sounds, that's what music is all about anyway.

And as for getting reviews. You do not need to spam it on your description. Best way that I could see to get reviews, is to review as many songs as possible. That way, other people appreciate what you are doing and hopefully return the favor. If they don't, oh well. You got a lot more than one person seeing the review you posted anyway.
So keep that in mind, and keep making music!

overall - repetitious, add some more sounds

ganon95 responds:

alright, ill keep that in mind


The beginning was kinda misleading for the rest of the song, to me at least.
Needs some more bass. Bass all around actually (bass drum, bass guitar, bass notes)
The treble stuff just seems to dominate the track too much in my opinion
The solo didn't really fit the distortion of the entire song
nice bridge (but more bass like i said before (bass drum))
overall - great song

Nessbeatsfox responds:

Thanks for the review! I really got to fix the volume on my bass drum... I could use new speakers too. When I record my music, I usually can't hear the bass that well cause of my crappy speakers, so I have to guess about how loud the bass should be. Sometimes I'm dead on, sometimes I'm not even close. I agree that the bass needs to be louder, and I'll probably fix that soon. Thanks again for the review!

Review me and I shall review you back. I'm mostly into orchestration and rock music. I try my hand at other genres too.

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